Green Farm Games
An independent games studio.
Unity 3D Development.
Virtual Reality Development.
Our Story

Green Farm Games, An independent video games studio specializing in immersive games and software development. Utilizing all forms of immersive technologies( AR, VR, XR ) to bring multimedia experiences to life for local and global businesses. Situatied on a working farm in Clifton, West Yorkshire, I draw insperaton from the surrounding picturesque rollings green hills here at Green Farm Games.

Dead Wave
Ever feel like the zombie apocolypse is just around the corner? Wishing you could train up on vital skills to fight off the impending doom?…

Gamkedo club projects I contributed too, hosted on

GeoGami, is a relaxing shape-flippling geometry puzzle game. The goal of the game is to fill in the oragami shaped level by flip geometry pieces to fill in the level. I implemented some bug fixes and added the custome menu and level UI and UI animations to add polish and bring the game over the line to completion. [Play Geogami](
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E-motion stem cars
I was approach to create a companion app that would be used in a class room settings. Students use the app to configure their cars before b…
“Superla TV, a video production company based in Leeds. I work in close partnership with Superla TV to bring 360 video experience to life.”
Intro to .USDZ and AR Quick Look part 2.

Yesterday I tried to upload some AR Quick Look .usdz files. It didn’t go so well. As of writing my cute farm animals do not display in AR QuickLook but they will. Soon? I originally created them using unity and trying out the new, but still in preview. USD package,...

Intro to .USDZ and AR Quick Look

For the month of April (2019) I’ve been learning iOS ARkit. I’ve been learning it both natively and view unity. I wanted to try out the new (to me) .USDZ files and AR Quick look after learning about the workflow from a title of a meetup event for leeds digital...

My Intro to Substance Painter

At the start of 2018 I did a intro to Substance Painter course from pluralsight. Stylized Texturing in Substance Painter t’s pretty thorough and complete. The course instructor is Dan John Cox, Senior Artist at Blizzard Entertainment. I manage to complete the course in the 10 day free trial on...